AST 1 - Classroom Session ($130)

The AST 1 classroom component can be taken in the fall at a location on our dates page.  You may also attend just the classroom portion of a 2 day AST 1 course if you cannot take the full 2 day course at once.

For a classroom session in any alternative location, the start time and schedule can be flexible according to your requirements subject to a minimum group size.  Many of our "on the road" AST 1 classroom sessions will begin 10 am or at 5pm so you can take the course right after work.

Contact Us to arrange a classroom session in your area.

The classrooom session features video and a power point presentation where you will learn about:

  • avalanche types & formation
  • terrain negotiation
  • route finding
  • Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale (ATES)
  • information gathering
  • terrain ratings
  • using the Avaluator
  • trip planning
  • introduction to transceiver training
  • safe riding habits
  • introduction to companion rescue

We also have an open discussion to answer additional questions.

REMEMBER!  To complete the AST 1 course you must participate in a field day as well.

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