Avalanche Companion Rescue ($175)

A one-day Avalanche Companion Rescue Course will be offered to graduates of the AST program. This one-day course can be viewed as a refresher, to be taken each year by anyone heading into the backcountry or by anyone who wants to hone these important skills.  This course does not replace an AST course, instead, it goes more in depth with valuable companion rescue skills.

It is suitable for snowmobilers, skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers as long as you have access to a snowmobile!

The Avalanche Companion Rescue Course will further your training in:

  • Considering Preventative Measures
  • Analyzing Tranceiver Functions
  • Single and Multiple Seaches
  • Group Rescue Techniques
  • Probing
  • Shovelling Methods
  • Identifying Post Incident Considerations

Before enrolling in this course students must have:

  • A desire to learn about companion rescue in the backcountry.  No other course is required before enrolling, however some tranceiver practice before hand is a good idea. 

Minimum: 4 people required to run course.  Call or email for custom dates and locations.


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