Snowmobile AST 2 in Golden, BC- $699

We are offering 2 different AST 2 courses this season.  Both are 4 days total.

Course 1: Feb 8/9 & Feb 15/16 (Over 2 weekends)

Course 2: Feb 27 – March 1 (4 days straight)

Is the AST 2 for you?

So, you’ve completed the AST 1 course and you ride a lot.  You spend all your free time in the mountains.  You want more information and more skills for safe backcountry travel.  The snowmobile specific AST 2 is for you!

A 4 day avalanche course that is for AST 1 graduates who are looking to increase their knowledge and build a solid foundation for safe winter travel.  Course focus is on travelling in the mountains.


The AST 2 course is primarily a mountain riding course.  You will plan and travel in several different backcountry zones picking your routes, assessing the snowpack and reading the terrain features.  We want to gather our own observations and gain the concept of spatial variability.

We will also practice up on rescue skills, using the ATES and Avaluator tools as well as gather a greater understanding of the avalanche bulletin and other publicly available information.

The AST 2 course is 4 days and comprises of a couple of class room sessions.  We’ll start each day with a morning meeting and determine our objectives for the day based on the weather and snowpack.


The snowmobile AST 2 course requires you to have some riding skills and experience.  It is not for riders who are new to riding powder off the trail.  You will need to make sure you can say YES to these points below.

  • AST 1 certificate with the past 5 years.
  • 19 years of age or older or accompanied by parent/guardian.
  • Intermediate to advanced mountain riding skills.  We will be riding off the trail. If found not capable to ride in conditions and terrain, student may be asked to leave group without refund.
  • Full backcountry kit (Transceiver, Probe, Shovel, Radio, pack.. see next tab)
  • Be proficient with your transceiver, probe and shovelling skills..It’s expected that you have basic knowledge of this from your AST 1 course.
  • Snowmobile and equipment for full days in the mountains.
  • Nice to have items: Snow saw, GPS, Sat communication device (There will be a gear list provided).
  • Trail fees are not included in the price.
Gear List

Please Bring:

  • Transceiver (digital), Probe, Shovel, Backpack, Radio with FRS channels.
  • Sledding in Avalanche Terrain (AST 1 Manual from AST 1 course.. please pre/re-read)
  • AVALUATOR (booklet and card from  AST 1 course)
  • Snow Saw or folding bush saw (greater than 30cm)
  • To be supplied – Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain (Field Book)


  • 3 antenna digital transceiver (ask us if you’re not sure)
  • Probe with measurement increments (3 metres min)
  • Snow Crystal Screen
  • Loupe (8-10x magnification)
  • Rustchblock cord or thin diameter rope (8 m length)
  • Pre reading of – Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain – Book – Bruce Tremper ($25)

Course Calendar

Discipline Course Date Time Location Price Notes Book Online
Sled AST 2 Feb 27 to Mar 1, 2020 08:00 Golden, BC $699 4 day Snowmobile AST 2 course in Golden, BC
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