About Us

With decades in the backcountry, instructing AST 1 courses since 2009 and snowmobile guiding for just as long, we are Hangfire Training.  We make every effort to make our courses fun, informative with relevant learning for mountain riders.  We hope you’ll enjoy your course with us.

Our Instructors

Ryan Johannesen

Ryan lives in Golden, BC and has spent the past 20 seasons in the mountains as much as possible as a snowmobile guide, semi-pro snowboarder, filmmaker and avalanche instructor.  As a Canadian Avalanche Association Level 2 and Professional Member, Ryan is looking forward to continuing the rewarding work of avalanche education.  Ryan and his partner Carmen also own and operate Whitewater Lodge and in the summer, Glacier Raft Company.

Travis Johnson

Travis also lives in Golden, BC.  He’s been riding snowboards and snowmobiles for a long time.  A CAA level 1, snowmobile guide with GSR and super world travelling adventurer, Travis is a wealth of knowledge and experience who is always looking for the next mission.  His AST 1 courses always get such great feedback.  Travis works in the TV industry as a producer when he’s not in Golden and gets to see some amazing places.

Rob Hicks

Rob has worked in the avalanche industry for years.  With CAA level 2 and a pro patroller at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, he’s a guy who spends much of his free time on his sled.  Rob has been teaching AST courses since 2017.  Look for him teaching out at Quartz Creek here in Golden.

Mac Cochrane

Mac has been in the game for many years.  Teaching AST courses, part of Search and Rescue, exploring new zones for the first time.. he’s done it all.  Mac is one of our Valemount/McBride instructors who happens to live near the Horsey Creek trail head, which we use for our AST 1 field days.  You will enjoy all of the wisdom and experience Mac brings to the AST 1 course.

Will Chitty

Will loves sledding and he loves teaching avalanche courses.  His enthusiasm is infectious and he wants to make sure you are learning the right way…hands on.  A Polaris ambassador, Will is one of our Valemount and McBride AST 1 instructors.

Gord Kerslake

Gord is our resident Revelstoke AST 1 instructor.  He’s equally at home on his snowmobile or skis and spends as much as as possible in the snow.  He’s been around he block a few times and is happy to share all that he knows to his students.