Ski & Snowboard AST 1 – $239

Are you wanting to start touring in the backcountry or slackcountry? The AST 1 course will give you the basic knowledge and skills required for safe backcountry travel.  You will be able to build experience from a solid base of knowledge and skills learned on this course.

Our AST 1 courses are offered in Golden, Kelowna, Canmore/Kananaskis and Rogers Pass.



Topics and skills we will learn in the AST 1 course include:

  • Types of avalanches and persistent weak layers.
  • Identifying avalanche terrain and common trigger points.
  • Knowing the steps required to plan and carry out a trip.
  • Use of the Avaluator, ATES, Danger Ratings and Avalanche Bulletins.
  • Learn about the Mountain Information Network (M.I.N.).
  • Appropriate travel techniques in avalanche terrain.
  • Companion Rescue.  Gear, techniques and practice.
  • Understand the limits of training.
Itinerary - Class Session

Day 1 – AST 1 Class Session Itinerary

The AST 1 class session instruction includes:

  • Types of weak layers and avalanches.
  • Terrain features.  What to watch for.
  • Route finding, travelling through or avoiding avalanche terrain.
  • How to use the Avaluator, M.I.N, ATES and other tools.
  • Trip planning.  What websites should you read every time!
  • Safe riding habits.  A few simple tips that will greatly reduce the risk.
  • A chat about gear and rescue techniques
  • We will have open discussion to answer questions at any time.  The more questions, the better!

Class duration is 6-7 hours

Itinerary - Field Day

Day 2 – AST 1 Field Day Itinerary

The field day instruction includes:

  • Pre Trip Planning.  Check bulletin, weather, gear, plan and more.
  • Transceiver practice.  Single and Multiple burials.
  • Probing and shovelling hands on training.
  • Group rescue scenario discussion and timed practice.
  • Test profile.  Dig, get to know the snowpack and tests for weak layers.
  • Terrain features. Common trigger points.  Let’s point out as many as we can find!
  • Route finding.  Discussion about travelling in avalanche terrain with the avaluator.
  • Course debrief and certificates.

The field day is a full day (8 hours) spent in the mountains.

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