Snowmobile Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 (AST 1) in Radium Hot Springs, BC | $369

Online Class Session (7-8hrs at your own pace) + 1 Field Day (8 am to 4 pm) = AST 1.  Avalanche Skills Training level 1.

You can also book each part separately: AST 1 Online Class $149 |  AST 1 Field Day $220

AST 1 Field Day Dates for Winter 2024/25 in Radium: Coming Soon!

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All riding abilities and levels of experience are welcome at our AST 1 courses.

The entry level standard for anyone sledding in the backcountry. Many people will not ride with someone unless they have taken this course, and maybe that’s a good thing. Regardless of your reason, we’re happy that you’ve decided to get some avalanche training so you can be an asset instead of a liability in the mountains. This course is for those who have no prior avalanche training, or want a refresher.

The Radium snowmobile AST 1 course is broken down into 2 parts.  An online, learn at your own pace, class session (7-8 hrs) and a hands on field day in the mountains (8 am to 4 pm).  You need to take both parts to complete the AST 1 course.

For the AST 1 field day we will be riding.  You need a snowmobile with appropriate gear as well as a modern digital transceiver with a probe and shovel in a back pack.  You do NOT need to be an expert sledder.  Beginner riders will do just fine.

The field day is held at Forster Creek,  near Radium Hot Springs, BC.

Your AST 1 field day will be taught by local mountain riders and experienced instructors Corwin Boechler and Ryan Johannesen

Private courses with custom dates are available.  Contact us


When booking your AST 1, you are choosing your Field Day date.  You will automatically be enrolled in the online class.


All AST participants need to read and understand the waiver and release of liability before making a booking.  READ THE WAIVER


Radium Snowmobile AST 1 Objectives

Topics and skills we will learn in the AST 1 course are covered in an 8 hour online class and a field day and include:

  • Types of avalanches and persistent weak layers.
  • Identifying avalanche terrain and common trigger points.
  • Knowing the steps required to plan and carry out a trip.
  • Use of the Avaluator, ATES, Danger Ratings and Avalanche Bulletins.
  • Learn about the Mountain Information Network (M.I.N.).
  • Appropriate travel techniques in avalanche terrain.
  • Companion Rescue.  Gear, techniques and practice.
  • Understand the limits of training.
Itinerary - Class Session

AST 1 Online Class Session Itinerary

The AST 1 class session instruction includes:

  • Types of weak layers and avalanches.
  • Terrain features.  What to watch for.
  • Route finding, travelling through or avoiding avalanche terrain.
  • ATES (Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale).
  • The Avaluator – Trip Planner and Slope Evaluator.
  • Trip planning.  What websites should you read every time!
  • Safe riding habits.  A few simple tips that will greatly reduce the risk.
  • A chat about gear and rescue techniques

You can email us with questions at any time.  The class should take between 7 – 8 hours.

Take your time, don’t do it all at once.   Spread it out over a few days.  Revisit any chapters you want.

You must complete the AST 1 class before your field day.  You must attend the AST 1 field day to complete the AST 1 course.

REMEMBER! To complete the AST 1 course you must attend a field day as well.

Itinerary - Field Day

Radium AST 1 Field Day Itinerary

Meet in the parking lot just before 8 am.

We will be riding.  The riding will be good for all levels of riders.  You need a snowmobile with appropriate gear as well as a digital transceiver with a probe and shovel in a back pack.

  • Greetings, course materials and waivers.
  • Trailhead procedures.  Check bulletin, weather, gear, plan and more.
  • Transceiver practice.  Single and Multiple burials.
  • Probing and shovelling hands on training.
  • Group rescue scenario discussion and timed practice.
  • Test profile.  Dig, get to know the snowpack and tests for weak layers.
  • Terrain features. Common trigger points.  Let’s point out as many as we can find!
  • Route finding.  Discussion about travelling in avalanche terrain with the avaluator.
  • Course debrief and certificates.

The field day is a full day (8 hours) spent in the mountains.  We’ll have a lunch break, ride around to sample the snow, and learn as much as we can.  You must have completed the AST 1 class before attending the AST 1 field day.

You must take the AST 1 class session before you can take the field day.

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