Payment Terms

  • All AST participants need to read and understand the waiver and release of liability before making a booking.  READ THE WAIVER
  • Full payment required upon sign up.
  • Listed prices do not include $10.40 per person AvCan student fee,  5% GST or trail fees/lift tickets (field day).

Cancellation Policy / Date Changes

Cancellations and date changes are not possible or refundable within 7 days of your AST course.  We have instructors booked, and there is a chance we have had to turn people away if the course has been booked up for sometime. This Includes reasons like Covid-19, injuries, broken snowmobiles, skis and vehicles.


  • Full refund less a $20 per person cancellation fee when notice is given at least 7 days prior to the course.
  • Within 7 days of the course date zero refund is given.
  • To change your field day date we also need 7 days notice or it is not possible.


  • Full refund minus $30 per person cancellation fee 14 days or more prior to the course date.
  • Within 14 days of course date zero refund is given.


Terms & Conditions

  • Each student must read and sign a release of liability (waiver) at the start of the AST course.  READ THE WAIVER
  • Course is not weather dependent.
  • Non attendance due to weather is considered a cancellation and full fee will be held.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a course if the minimum number of participants is not met.  This number changes depending on course location.
  • We do not guarantee that by taking an AST course you will be safe in the mountains.  That is up to you.
  • Please note.  You must complete the AST 1 field day within 2 seasons of taking the AST 1 class session.  If it has been longer than that, you will need to retake the class session before you can take the field day if you would like to obtain your AST 1 certificate.

Here you can find our Covid 19 Operating Plan


  • Q. What if its really cold?   A. We do our best to look ahead at the incoming weather.  If it looks to be colder than -25 we will make the decision to postpone the avalanche course.   We will give as much notice as possible, knowing that the weather can always change.
  • Q. How should I dress?   A. There is some standing around time during an AST 1 course, so we always recommend dressing warmer than normal.  Bring an extra layer or two and warm mitts or gloves. Visit our WHAT TO BRING page.
  • Q. How much riding will we do?   A.  A little bit.  We will need to get to the area where we are practicing companion rescue, viewing terrain and digging in the snow.  Once we are in the zone we will be off our machines and skis for a while.  Riding in and out will be the main times sledding, skiing or boarding.
  • Q. Do I need to be a good rider for an AST 1?   A.  No.  Some experience is good, but not essential.  Beginner riders will do just fine.  Be sure to let the instructor know you are new to riding and they will help you out if needed.  We stay in simple terrain and don’t venture too far from the trail.
  • Q.  Do I need to be a good rider for an AST 2?  A.  Yes.  You need to be able to travel in off angle terrain and ride some advanced slopes.  This course is about covering some ground, route finding and seeing a few different zones.  Sledding wise, can you side hill, carve downhill?  Skiing and boarding, can you ride powder and black diamond runs comfortably?
  • Q. Why do I need to sign a waiver?   A.  Just as with any adventurous tour or group activity that you would sign up for, all AST providers have a waiver too.   While we don’t expect to be caught in an avalanche, other things can also happen as we are outdoors.  Slip and fall, hit a tree, rock, each other, etc.   This is why we have waivers that everyone needs to sign at the start of the course.
  • Q. Is there a certificate after completed an AST course?   A.  Yes.  You will be emailed a certificate after the course.  This can be used as proof if you would like to take further avalanche training down the road.  The AST 1 course is the starting point for all advanced and professional level avalanche course.