What To Bring

As with any outdoor activity (besides jogging) you need to invest in some gear.  The catch with mountain sledding is that you are buying life saving gear, so you want it to be current and of quality.  Your avalanche equipment is not used to dig yourself out of an avalanche.  It is to rescue someone else.  So make sure you whole group has the proper essentials.

Gear List

You will require the following gear and equipment for the AST 1 field day and the entire AST 2 course.

  • Snowmobile (must be in good working order) and transportation.  We will be riding mainly trail and some off trail suitable for beginners.
  • Face covering.  Balaclava, buff, etc for when we may be closer than 6 ft.
  • Digital transceiver with fresh batteries.  Probe and Shovel.
  • Warm clothing (we recommend that you dress warmer than a normal day. WARM GLOVES for trail ride)
  • Backpack (Large enough for spare clothes, lunch, and avalanche equipment – suitable for wearing, not attaching to snow machine).
  • Lunch and water.  We will eat outdoors or in cabin.
  • Helmet and goggles (balaclava if weather permits)
  • Head lamp (flash light) because sleds breakdown.
  • Snow Saw w/ 30 cm blade (optional).
  • Radio with FRS channels.

Rental Gear

If you are taking your course in Golden please visit our Tours & Rentals page.  If you need to rent in McBride or Revelstoke, please contact us.