Throttle Decisions Chapter 7: Evaluate HazardThrottle Decisions Chapter 7: Evaluate Hazard. When information is sparse or conditions are changing, you’ve got to have the skills and experience to evaluate the hazard where you’re riding. Thro...Throttle Decisions Chapter 6: TerrainThrottle Decisions Chapter 6: Terrain. Terrain selection is key to staying safe in the mountains. You’ve got to select the right terrain for the avalanche conditions. Filmmaker Francois Desrosier...Throttle Decisions Chapter 5: SnowpackThrottle Decisions Chapter 5: Snowpack. Learn about how layers in the snowpack interact with each other to create slab avalanches. Filmmaker Francois Desrosiers of FD Productions shot the video i...Throttle Decisions Chapter 4: WeatherThrottle Decisions Chapter 4: Weather. How does weather affecting the snow where you're riding? Snow, rain, sun, wind, changes in temperature - these all factor in to our decision making. Filmmak...Throttle Decisions Chapter 3: Safe TravelThrottle Decisions Chapter 3: Safe Travel. Learn about moving safely through avalanche terrain: what to do and what not to do. Throttle Decisions is a fast-paced video series aimed at encouraging...Throttle Decisions Chapter 2: ForecastThrottle Decisions Chapter 2: Forecast. This video walks you through Avalanche Canada's daily and weekly avalanche bulletins - how to read them and use them. Filmmaker Francois Desrosiers of FD P...Higher Education: AST 2Anyone riding in complex terrain needs an AST 2 course.Know Before You Go" It doesn’t matter if you have made thousands of good calls – all it takes is one bad call and that is one too many. Some days the mountains are screaming GET OUT OF HERE and some days they are sa...Rescue at Cherry Bowl: Training Feature VideoThis is one of the video features in the upcoming micro-site, Rescue at Cherry Bowl. Rescue at Cherry Bowl is story of an amazing backcountry rescue where training made the difference between life ...3 Sisters Avalanche Case Study HDDescriptionHow to Submit a Mountain Information Network Observation from your Computer HDThis video will show you how to submit an observation to the Mountain Information Network from your computer. The Mountain Information Network is an observation sharing system where you can read an...Using the Mountain Information Network on Your Smartphone HDThis short video shows you how to upload an observation to the Mountain Information Network using your smartphone, either out in the field or later on in your day.Avalanche footage 2 HDAvalanche footage 3 HDDescriptionCreate Detailed MIN Reports Online HDCreate Detailed MIN Reports OnlineFirst Major Warming 2016 HDAvalanche Canada is warning about the possibility of large avalanches throughout western Canada on account of very warm and sunny weather.I survived a big Avalanche while snowmobiling thanks to my guardian angels !!!! Video go pro hero 4Caught in Avalanche snowmobiling Golden B.C. Mar13/2016 travelled aprox 2500ft in slide glad to be alive Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)...Snowmobile avalanche. Life can change in a minute.I set off avalanche above Wolf Creek pass on March 7th 2015. I am lucky to be alive. 3 minutes into video is when it happened. Be safe and pay attention to the conditions.Huge Avalanche Snowmobile Helmet CamWe looked at this hill before dropping, didn't seem that bad, we got SUPER LUCKY. After looking at it from the bottom we had no business being there, even with low avy conditions. We definitely had...Snowmobile ride out of AvalancheRode out avalanche on snowmobile, fracture line was 4' - 6' deep, snow pile up at the bottom was 10' - 15' high.INCREDIBLE Snowmobile Avalanche SURVIVAL [EXTENDED CUT]When snowmobiling over Tincup Pass in Colorado, this rider got blasted by an avalanche coming in on his left. His snowmobile got buried and he tried to dig it out with his hands. Luckily before lon...DAN TREADWAY AVALANCHE BCA PSASnowmobile Avalanche Alaska Caught on GoproLoose slab avalanche triggered from a snowmobile near Hope Alaska. Luckily survived and didn't get buried.2012 ski doo summit X close call with cliff fallI almost fall off a GIANT cliff on Idaho Wyoming border filmed with Liquid Image video goggles, wearing my motorfist riding gear Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use...Huge avalanche outside Revelstoke .(not greenslide) at zipper mouth.... May 5 2017Snowmobile sets off avalanche!From the sowmobile movie Thunderstruck. A Guy sets off an avalanche and gets buried under the snow.Private videoThis video is private.Snow LayersWhat Causes Avalanches? | Zoo La La | Earth UnpluggedWhat causes avalanches? Can you really cause them by shouting on a mountain? Maddie explains avalanches. Subscribe to Earth Unplugged for amazing animal videos - Avalanche video ever.movBest BiG AVALANCHE snowboarder buried alive and survives!! Snowboarder is alive and well!!! Very terrifying experience.Throttle Decisions Chapter 1: GearThrottle Decisions Chapter 1: Gear. Learn all about what avalanche safety equipment you need and to how to use it. Filmmaker Francois Desrosiers of FD Productions shot the video in 2012-13 with a ...Avalanche Transceiver Trailhead Test for SnowmobilersIn this video, the BCA team shows the steps to perform an avalanche transceiver trailhead check with snowmobiles, and how to ensure everyone's beacons are working correctly before heading out on th...The 5 Red Flags Unstable Snow and Avalanche DangerCraig Gordon with the Utah Avalanche Center explains the 5 simple red flags to look for in potentially unstable snow. Be sure to learn more about avalanche safety by taking a local awareness or A...SLEDMART AVALANCHE VIDEO